What is an easement?
An easement is a property right that gives its holder an interest in land that's owned by someone else. It allows use of the land, within a set of rules/covenants established by the land owner.

What is the procedure for Easement Sales?
A new streamlined sales process is now in effect and states in-part; “The resort has up to 14 days upon receipt of this offer to consider purchasing the property at the above listed price before we put the property on the market. The resort must respond, in writing, if interested in purchasing the easement. Or, if the resort elects not to purchase the property, they need to provide a written release so that I/we can put the property up for sale on the open market.”

Easement vs Seasonal ownership description and associated costs?
Easements are opportunities for deeded campsite ownership that are purchased and are your exclusive right to use your campsite for a set period of years.
With a seasonal lease, your campsite is yours for the season. With the renewal of your lease, you will enjoy the convenience of keeping your RV or cottage on the site for the winter. But, keep in mind that the landlord can choose not to renew the lease when the term is over.
For the May 1 thru October 20, 2024 season the easement owners assessment fee is $2150.00 and the seasonal rates vary from $6440-$7015 based on your lot location.

What are the advantages of Easement versus Seasonal ownership?
Easement sites are generally more desirable because of their size, location, and views. These sites are surveyed and recorded with the Town of South Hero and their size can not be changed. A seasonal site can have it's boundaries changed at anytime by management. The value of an easement has appreciated in value over the years, according to the Town of South Hero's grand list.

What other fees are the responsibilities of the cottage owners?
All cottage owners pay their own property taxes, insurance on their cottage, electricity, propane gas, telephone, cable/satellite TV and hardwired internet access service.

Do I have to join the association?
Campsite owners are members of the Easement Owners Association. Owners hold a Deed of Campsite Easement. Regular maintenance fees cover the common expenses such as water, sewer, garbage, lawn care, recreational facilities, activities and reserve funds.

What are reserve funds?
Reserve funds are used for large projects such as replacements or repairs of the common facilities. The funds usually have strict criteria for how they are to be used. The criteria is based on the declaration, bylaws and accountability.

How many easement owners are there currently?
As of March 1, 2024 we have 26 owners.

Do we have meetings?
Yes. The Annual Meeting is normally held in August and other informal informational gatherings are scheduled periodically in the Clubhouse.

What is a proxy?
Our association is comprised of volunteer board members who are elected by a majority of owners at the annual easement owner's meeting, usually in August.
In order for community business to be carried out at the annual meeting, a quorum, or a simple majority of the easement owners must be represented at the meeting. These owners can either be present at the meeting (only one person listed on the deed is required) or they can complete a proxy in advance of the meeting, which effectively transfers their voting privilege (for this meeting only) to a neighbor.
If a quorum of owners is not achieved, then by law the meeting will need to be rescheduled again and again until it is reached. This rescheduling is a waste of time for the owners who were in attendance at the original meeting.
Of course, it is always best to try to attend these meetings whenever possible, but the proxy (opens new window) is a convenient way to make sure that your voice is heard and your vote (through a neighbor) is counted. All you have to do is complete and sign the proxy, and either return it to our community's management company, or simply hand it to a neighbor who is planning to attend the meeting. The proxy is only good for one meeting and does not affect your voting for other, future meetings.

If I have a question that was not answered here, who do I contact?
If you have a question that was not answered on this page, you may contact the board by any one of the following methods: Email to email us, or filling out the contact form here contact us. Your question will be routed to the appropriate board member or committee member and we strive to answer all questions within 24-48 hours.